ABOUT kei islands

The Kei Islands are islands formed of coral consisting of more than 130 small islands and are located between the deep Banda sea as a tuna migration area and the Arafura Sea as the largest shrimp fishing area in the world. The Kei Islands are also located in the world coral triangle.

There are two autonomous governments, namely the municipality of Tual whose capital is Tual, and the Southeast Maluku Regency whose capital is Langgur. The two capitals of the autonomous region are on two different islands connected by a 300 m long bridge that passes through the Rosenberg Strait. The Kei Islands can be reached by flights from all over Indonesia in a day. Regular flights via Ambon to Langgur by two airlines, Garuda and Wings (Lion Air) twice a day.

The Kei Islands were awarded by the Indonesian government in 2016 as Indonesia's hidden paradise for having unique and beautiful beaches and coral reefs.


The Tual State Fisheries Polytechnic (POLIKANT), located in the Kei Islands, Maluku, has one mission to help Indonesia improve its economy in the marine and fisheries sector. In connection with this, Polikant has organized the International Conference on Applied Marine Technology and Fisheries Technology (MSFT) which focuses the discussion on providing access to the latest research and technology to accelerate the development of a sustainable marine and fisheries sector. In 2015, POLIKANT held the inaugural International Conference on Applied Marine Sciences and Fisheries Technology (MSFT), with the general theme "Enforcing Sustainable Development of Small Island Marine Resources". The aim of this forum is to gain insight into the latest advances in the field of marine and fisheries science with a focus on its application to the development of small islands in a sustainable manner. The conference attracted more than 40 speakers from Indonesia, Australia, the US, Sweden, Denmark, Malaysia, Germany and France.

The 2nd International Conference on Applied Marine Science and Fisheries Technology (MSFT) was held in Langgur City, Kei Islands, in 2017, with a broad theme: "Accelerating Sustainable Development of Small Island Marine Resources". In particular, MSFT has succeeded in discussing 50 papers that provide insight into how coastal communities in small islands can accelerate the development of the marine and fisheries sector in a sustainable manner.

After the success of the second MSFT in 2017, POLIKANT is pleased to announce the third conference in the biennial series. Again, the 3rd MSFT will serve as a platform for exchanging relevant research findings from various fields of marine science and fisheries technology. We also hope that this forum will become a venue for sharing practical experiences in sustainable use and management of marine resources.

The 3rd International Conference on Applied Marine Science and Technology (MSFT) will be held in Langgur City, Kei Islands, with a general theme: "Marine Resources for a Sustainable Future: Global and Local Challenges" . In particular, MSFT welcomes papers that provide insight into how coastal communities on small islands can face both global and local environmental and economic challenges.

Conference Objectives

The primary objectives of The 3rd MSFT are to:

  • To bring together academic scientists, researchers and prominent researchers to exchange and share their experiences and results of research on various marine sciences and fisheries technologies and related fields to develop a sustainable nation economy in the future.
  • Build and expand a network of ongoing cooperation between conference participants for the benefit of sustainable use of marine and fisheries resources


The 3rd MSFT Invites various parties to submit research papers which include conceptual analysis, design implementation, and performance evaluation in the following research topics:

  • Marine living resource exploration
  • Marine biodiversity and conservation
  • Marine culture (for food and the aquarium trade)
  • Marine food processing
  • Marine biotechnology
  • Marine Ecotourism
  • Blue Economy
  • Marine pollution
  • Oceanography and Marine Technology


Plenary Session
October 10-12, 2019
October 12, 2019

    **Excursion includes diving and snorkeling are free of charge for all participants

Conference Timeline

Abstract submission deadline extended!
March 10, - July 8, 2019
Confirmation of Abstract/Extended Summary acceptations
July 12, 2019
Early bird participant/presenter registration
before Agustus 22, 2019
Full Paper (Camera Ready)
September 22, 2019
Last day Conference Payment
September 27, 2019
Announce of Conference Program
September 29, 2019
The 3rd MSFT 2019
October 10 – 12, 2019

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations for the International Applied MSFT have been allocated 15 minute slots, of which 5 minutes should be given to questions. It is necessary that these times are strictly adhered to, and that the turnaround time between papers is negligible.

All rooms are equipped with a computer (laptop) and data projector. Presenters should arrive in the session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session to load their presentations onto the computer using a USB memory stick. The computers in the session rooms will run MS Windows and be able to display MS Powerpoint or Adobe PDF slides.

Conference Paper Template and Guidelines

Please find extensive guidelines on formatting your paper at: https://conferenceseries.iop.org/content/authors Please find template for this conference here As a summary, please ensure the following:

  • Paper size is European A4.
  • Margins are 4cm (top), 2.5cm (left and right) and 2.7cm (bottom).
  • The paper includes the author name and affiliation (full address including country).
  • There are no page numbers, or headers and footers, within the paper.
  • The PDF is free of formatting errors (e.g. corrupt equations, missing or low-resolution figures), since conversion from Word to PDF can introduce formatting errors.
  • Text is single spaced, not double spaced.
  • The PDF file is editable and not password protected.
  • All pages are portrait (landscape pages should be rotated).
  • Reference lists are checked for accuracy. References can only be linked via Crossref if they are correct and complete.
  • Figures are placed within the text, not collected at the end of the document.
  • A thorough proofread is conducted to check the standard of English and ensure wording is clear and concise.
  • Please follow these essential guidelines when preparing your paper:

  • Basic guidelines for preparing a paper
  • Guidelines for preparing reference lists
  • Conference Fee

  • Registration fees for Presenters: Before August 22, 2019: IDR.1.000.000,- (Domestic), USD.71 (International); After August 22, 2019: IDR.1.500.000,- (Domestic), USD.106 (International).
  • Registration fees for Non Presenter: : IDR.300.000,- (Domestik); USD.21 (International)
  • Please transfer conference fee to:

    BNI Ambon Branch

    Account Number: 8121216164

    p.p Panitia Konferensi MSFT3

    Abstract and Full Paper Submission

    Abstract should consist of maximum of 200 words, with title, authors, address, and text written in English. Abstracts should be submitted to online application.

    • The papers should be written in English and must be between 5 to 8 pages.
    • Presenter must attend the conference
    • Abstract and full paper can directly send to msft@polikant.ac.id

    IOP Conference Series EES


    Indexing In


    Keynote Speakers

    • Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, INDONESIA

    Invited Speakers

    • Prof. Stephen D. A Smith, The National Marine Science Center, AUSTRALIA
    • Serge Andrefouet, PhD. Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, FRANCE
    • A/Prof. Amanda Reichelt-Brushett.Vice President: Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Asia/Pacific (SETAC A/P). SCU, Australia
    • Prof Dr. Dieter Piepenburg, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
    • Professor Kevin Markwell School of Business and Tourism, SCU, Australia
    • A/Prof. Christian Sanders, Brazil
    • Prof. Dr. Ir. Yusli Wardiatno M.Sc, Bogor Agricultural University. INDONESIA
    • Prof. Akamine Jun. Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo. JAPAN
    • Professor MutsunoriTokeshi. Department of Biology, Faculty of Science Kyushu University, JAPAN
    • Dr.rer.nat. Gino Valentino Limmon, MSc, Pattimura University INDONESIA

    Advisory Committee

    • Mr. Jusron Ali Rahajaan, SPi, M.Si, Director of the Tual State Fisheries Polytechnic, INDONESIA

    Scientific Committee

    • Prof. Yan Pawlowski, Geneva University, SWIZERLAND
    • Prof. Les Christidis, National Marine Science Centre, AUSTRALIA
    • A/Prof. Fil.Dr.TomasCedhagen, Aarhus University, DENMARK
    • Dr. Zainal Arifin, The Indonesian Institute of Science, INDONESIA

    Organizing Committee


    Dr. rer. nat. Ir. Eugenius Alfred Renjaan, M.Sc

    Vice Chairman

    Dr. Jane Yulinda Dangeubun, S.Pi, M.Si


    Ida I Dewa Ayu Raka Susanti


    Riska Andalina

    Program Chair

    Dr. Usman Madubun, S.Pi, M.Si

    Publication Chair

    Johni Dobo

    Workshop Chair

    Maria M. Ngamelubun

    Technical Program Committee

    Pieter Semuel Foudubun

    Natalia Lewerisa

    Flavi Ruban

    Samuel Balubun

    Frischila Pentury

    Yakobus Watratan

    Muamar Kadaafi Aziz

    Ever Tehupeory

    Ferdinandus Beruatyaan

    Wisye Pattiwael

    Gierly Somnaikubun

    Local Arrangement Committee

    Roberto M. K. Teniwut

    Fien Sudirjo

    Jacomina Metungun

    Erwin Tanjaya

    Dr. Benediktus Jeujanan, S.Pi, M.Si

    Dr. Cenny Putnarubun, S.Pd, M.Si

    Moses Tjoanda

    Anthon D. Kilmanun

    Contact Us

    The 3rd MSFT 2019 Secretariat
    Central Building 2nd Floor, Tual State Fisheries Polytechnic
    Langgur-Sathean Ringroad Km.6 Southeast Maluku, Kei Islands, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 812 12161645 (Wisye); +62 813 44536777 (Ayu Susan); Email:msft@polikant.ac.id